I Have a Confession… No's Blog


Video Courtesy of Youtube I officially came out the closet in 2007…well it was more like I was forced out of the closet by my first ex fiancee. Since that moment it has been one emotional roller coaster ride due to “embracing” the growing pains of my sexual and psychological growth. Don’t get me wrong,

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Sorry For the Wait! No's Blog

Good evening! Please forgive the late post! I’ve been advertising all this time that I was re-releasing on yesterday, but you are reading this today. Please let me explain. Well, first off I thought that I wouldn’t be doing anything but school work and getting drunk for my birthday, but right when I got off

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Hillary Moves In a Completely Opposite Direction From Her Husband With This Action Politics

Hillary Rodham Clinton Speaks At The University Of Miami

Hillary Rodham Clinton has done a remarkable job setting herself apart from her former presidential husband, Bill Clinton as she trudges forth with her own sights on obtaining the highest political seat in the US. Her view on same sex marriage sets her even more apart from the views of her husband, the creator of

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